Study Starters - Unit Studies Made Easy!

Do your kids want unit studies?

Are you tired of all the prep work to try and give them unit studies?

Not sure what to look for when you DO work on a unit study?

Study Starters are quick and easy to use and are adaptable to ANY type of advanced study you'd like your children to do. They provide the framework for your study, making it easy to create fast and consistent unit studies in the nick of time. They provide 'coaching' to help you stay on track and document your family's studies for portfolio or teacher review time at the end of the school year.

What exactly the Study Starters study system does
is offer a series of easy to use,
fill in the blank forms and planners for any subject.

Arts, Books, Trains, Baseball, Rocks, Science, Famous People, Performances, Movies, Musicians, Animals, Fish, Religion, Sports, Vehicles, Birds, Dinosaurs, Cities, States, Countries, Holidays, Insects, Inventions, Poetry, Scripture, Crafts, Elements, Machines, Scientists... the list is endless!

By using the Study Starter forms, you have a framework to follow for any study your children wish to follow. And it will be consistent and easy to track and evaluate for it's effectiveness. You couldn't ask for a simpler system to aid you in creating your own custom unit studies.

For the price of ONE commercial unit study book, you can create hundreds of unit studies for your children. If you simply want to study a subject for a day or two, or a week or two, even for months on end, Study Starters will provide the foundation to keep you on track and progressing through your goals. The sheets will be familiar to your children and can be used over and over to create study notebooks. You can even use Study Starters in conjunction with all types of curriculum, to help create useful narrative reports with a consistent look and feel.

• Available on CD, as a Book or as an automatic download!

• Study Starters helps you organize ANY Unit Study... or make your own!

• Great Price for a Help with Unit Studies!

Study Starters on CD - Price: $7.00


Study Starters - Download - Price: $5.00..


Study Starters As a Book - Price: $20.00.....



Easy to Use

Fun & Challenging


Use Over and Over for ANY Subject
Your dream unit study helper is here...NOW!





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