Home Study Kit

If you are just starting an Earth Science unit or study in your homeschool,
then our Home Study Rock and Mineral Kit is the perfect compliment.

A nice mixture of both rocks and minerals, great to hold and examine.
Each specimen is bagged and indentified so that
you can learn the difference between slate and granite or garnets!
Rather than start with a larger collection, the Home Study Kit has 15 specimens. They are graded into 5 categories, 3 sample each category.

• 15 Specimens - in 5 categories of study

• Each Individually Bagged and Labeled!



(All geology products have a flat rate of $7 shipping....)

This Kit Includes:

3 Igneous Rocks

3 Metamorphic Rocks

3 Sedimentary Rocks

3 Minerals

3 "Organic" Rocks
Such as Coal
Petrified Wood



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