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Are you tired of journaling prompt books where you get 365+ prompts, each different and unrelated?

Does it bother you to wade through prompts that ask about your "favorite food" or "what would you say to a space alien?" instead of really reaching deep, meaningful, thought provoking writing?

Sometimes, we need to focus on an area of our life that needs special handling.

Our Journaling Habit e-books do just that. Each book is designed for a whole month of indepth journaling about an area of your lifethat you'd like to explore and gain insight and wisdom through in your writing.

31 days of prompts, all focusing on a specific topic.

We're certain you will find these writing prompts to be intelligent, truly thought provoking and helpful to your life's situation, whether you are battling an illness, striving to improve your career or developing a healthy lifestyle.

Life is a journey and we believe that one of the best ways to gain wisdom and insight on that journey is through cultivating your thoughts through writing.
Taking our invisible thoughts and making them visible helps us to see what is in our minds and hearts. Writing is a tool that helps us keep track of the thoughts and ideas that often stay locked in our subconscious minds.

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• Each book is a 30 day program of focused journaling prompts for writing.

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Current Titles...

Your Christian Faith
Culture and Society
Journaling Prompts for Kids
Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle
Dealing with Divorce
My Life - Autobiography

Title of Product Cost Each
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Homeschooling $1.95 - Download
Your Christian Faith $1.95 - Download
Journaling Prompts for Kids $1.95 - Download
Culture and Society $1.95 - Download
Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle $1.95 - Download
Dealing with Divorce $1.95 - Download
My Life - Autobiography $1.95 - Download

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