Historical Essay Questions

Looking for
great essay questions
for your high school students
about history?

We believe that to teach your children to think deeply about history you need to start in-depth conversations about 'WHY" instead of just pushing dates and facts about what happened.

Our collection of over 350 questions range through the ages, with 4 chapters on classical history covering ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Medieval Times and the Age of Discovery and then move on through American History.

Designed for the middle school to high school student, these questions are wonderful conversation starters, good for projects and excellent for starting writing essays for older students.

Available as a downloadable PDF book, or purchase spiral bound to lay flat.
This is our newest product and one that we are very proud of.

• Over 350 questions about history

• Great conversation starters as well as essay questions
to help with writing



Just a note.... if you were interested in just our Essay Questions, they also appear in our History Scholar products.

You can learn more here:

History Scholar

Written by David L. Russell,
Ph.D in Religious History from Michigan State University

and Sherri Chekal, a home educating parent
and history enthusiast.


Historical Essay Questions will be a welcome,
helpful resource for your children as they learn
about the importance and value of history as
a discipline that will help make them more wise
and aware of the world around them.

-David L. Russell, Ph.D.


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Sample Essay Questions

Roman Mythology:
The Romans took and adapted the Greek Gods for their own.
How do you think the Greek people thought about this thievery of their ancient religion?
Is it okay for another culture to refine and adapt a religion to suit their own needs?

Advancements in Medieval Navigation:
Prince Henry the Navigator of England was very important in the advancement of navigation.
As a noble with funding resources, he was able to encourage the growth of technology.
Can you find parallels in our own modern day and describe them?

The First Virginia Settlers:
Describe your thoughts about being the first settlers to a new land.
How would you record your thoughts and experiences?
Would you act in a special manner, knowing that history might record your efforts?
Consider some of the responsibilities first settlers would have in a new land.




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