About Us

Westvon Publishing

Dedicated to bringing you quality, redemptive products for your child's education.

Westvon was formed only a short while ago... April 15, 2004 to be exact!

Many many years ago, nearly 25 to be exact, Dave Russell was teaching banjo at a music store in Northville, MI and Sherri Chekal for some strange reason wanted to learn how to play the banjo! She had never really heard the instrument much, just knew for some reason she had to learn. Perhaps now, it's apparent that there was some other reason that these two had to meet. It was from Dave's gracious and kind nature that Sherri came to know the Lord as her savior and their friendship as young adults left a lasting impression.

Now, 23 years later, each had gone their own ways, raised families, gone here and there throughout the country, to Florida and California and through military service and so many of life's twists and turns. Last November, by chance they sought out each other through their true love, Bluegrass music! Within a few months, it was apparent that they had many of the same goals and aspirations in life, especially in promoting Bluegrass and American music, writing and journaling, and promoting wisdom and learning through the children they both hold so special in their hearts.

Sherri is currently homeschooling her two daughters and Dave had home educated his four children as well, during times of their education. He is homeschooling his youngest son. Children are extremely important to us.

April 15, 2004 was a day that would motivate us to stop dreaming and jump into our plans wholeheartedly! Dave's position in the IT industry disappeared and suddenly without employment, it was plain to see that God had given us that shove needed to take a leap of faith and get into our business with both feet!

As you can see, we're going strong, building the Westvon empire and having a wonderful time. Friends and family are amazed at our progress and we have spent many a long hour working hard to develop the projects we have dreamed of before the leap of faith! We hope you will appreciate our entrepreneurial spirit and join us in helping to keep Westvon Publishing alive and kicking so that we can continue to develop and offer you great, redemptive, high quality, unique products for your homeschool family and for all children!

Most sincerely,






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